About Us

【 What is JSIDRE (Nogyo-Noson-Ko Gakkai) ? 】

The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering (JSIDRE) is a professional and technical organization of members who are interested in engineering knowledge and technology for agricultural infrastructure and rural development.

JSIDRE membership is for engineers and others who share a common interest in a wide range of technologies related to agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation dams, irrigation and drainage canals, farmland and rural development.

JSIDRE is a part of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Sciences. Founded in 1929, the JSIDRE is one of the most active and largest societies in JSAS.

JSIDRE provides opportunities for you to achieve personal excellence to sharpen your skills, to increase your knowledge, and to enhance your understanding of current topics associated with agricultural infrastructure and rural development.

JSIDRE President : Kazuaki HIRAMATSU (2020~) Professor, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyushu University.

【 Activities 】

Periodical publications
・ Journal of JSIDRE (monthly, in Japanese)
・ Transactions of JSIDRE (Biannually, in Japanese)

Technical Meetings
・ Annual Meeting to discuss new developments from colleagues.
・ Special Conferences and Symposia on current topics.

・ Irrigation and Drainage in Japan (in English)
・ Irrigation and Drainage in Japan Pictorial (in English)
・ Paddy in the world (in English)
・ Over 100 technical books and textbooks concerning subjects of the society (in Japanese)

Research Activities
Research Committees on current topics :
farm land consolidation, rural planning, farm village improvement, environmental science, soil physics, irrigation,
soil and water conservation, construction materials and technology, applied hydrology, and farm road construction.
Standards Committees for developing, updating and reaffirming standards and publishing approved standards.

Wisdom based on “Land and Water”, the Foundation for a Paradigm Shift

For more information about programs and activities of the society,
Please write or call Secretary General of JSIDRE
c/o Nogyo-doboku Kaikan, 34-4 Shimbashi 5-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, JAPAN
Tel : 81-3-3436-3418  Fax : 81-3-3435-8494
E-mail : suido@jsidre.or.jp